Regenerative Education Centers

Building Community Around Ecological Stewardship. 


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Supporting environmental education and innovation.


Building Topsoil

Topsoil is the medium in which all human food is grown... And there's currently only 1% of our topsoil left on the planet.


Eliminating Plastic Tides

Through community beach cleanups, plastic education, and styrofoam composting, REC has paired up with communities and organizations to eliminate plastics in our oceans.


Local Food Education

Through eco-education centers, REC is inspiring local communities in Maui, Southern California, and worldwide to become pro-sumers - producing more than they consume, while leaving the earth in a better condition in the process.


Styrofoam Solutions

REC is combining patented biological styrofoam composting systems and styrofoam densification to transform EPS waste into topsoil and building materials.


Regenerative Lifestyles for a Sustainable Future.

Regenerative Education Center is a Nonprofit Eco-Education Center focused on regenerative lifestyles and solutions.


Our Mission

Dedicated to change.

Our mission is to educate and inspire through regenerative ideas, providing and showcasing working models, that help to foster better stewardship for a healthy and sustainable future for Maui, Southern California, and beyond.

We inspire the ideals of a regenerative lifestyle for everyday practice. We deliver information you can act on, empowerment for earth stewards, and inspire solutions for lasting change.

Regenerative Education Centers are hands-on demonstration centers for educating and serving local communities, while producing educational documentaries and media for educating and providing regenerative solutions for the world.